Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Our camping gear is all nestled up and nice and neat in the trailer!  We made the decision to go ahead and go...but we are armed with wasp/bee spray, buckets of Deep Woods Off bug spray, and some sort of fogger if they're really bad.  I also bought a baseball cap just in case the bugs make me look like Medusa again. 

Now that we're almost completely packed, I am really excited.  This time tomorrow morning, I will be enjoying my first cup of coffee made in our brand new percolator!  I also bought our camping "kitchen" last night at Walmart.  All this is (thank you, Marcia Coleman for the idea!) is a huge Rubbermaid container with a lid.  All of our pots/pans, utensils, and anything else even remotely related to the kitchen will stay in the "kitchen".  Even once we return home. 

I also bought all of our utensils last night...and two cutting boards and a really cool knife to chop with.  !!!  I got all excited over the's nicer than any other one I have, so it might end up finding its way into my real kitchen at home, then replaced with another one in our camp kitchen. 

We've got all our pantry food bagged and ready to go.  All the refrigerated food will get packed into Travis' cooler at the last minute...and his cooler, by the way, is big enough to hold a person.  I am not kidding. 

All the boys (plus a friend for Graham and Drew, otherwise known as Hopper) are packed and loaded (their gear, not them, although that is a good thought...), all I have to do is get mine and Todd's clothes into a bag.  He's getting my oil changed right now, then he has to come home and repair a trailer tail light, then we'll get the rest of the stuff loaded and we'll go!  I can't wait to sit around and just enjoy God's creation. 

I'm going to take better pictures this time...I am going to try, anyway.  I'm planning on taking my (nicer) camera this time...not just my phone as a camera.

The next time I'm on here, I promise to show lots and lots of pics!  It should be beautiful...we're going to Tishomingo State Park.  It's in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains (it's what the website said) and we will be near water.  :)  I can't wait! 

Love to all!

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