Monday, February 27, 2012

Things That Make Me Happy

My husband and the way that he provides for our family.  He is the hardest working man I know. 

Such great smiles.

The fact that I "caught" Jonah and Noah reading their Bibles this morning.  And that they are working on memorizing Scripture.

My Travis Cottrell cd, Jesus Saves.  This is my all-time favorite praise and worship music. 

Seeing the piles of Kleenex my Bible study homework made me use.  I spent the entire morning crying over this last week in my James study as I read about the last part of his life.  One question that got me was, "What will you ask James when you see him in Heaven?"  I wouldn't ask him anything.  I would hug him and thank him for his words of wisdom.

Writing our meal plan out this week on my little dry erase board that hangs on the fridge.  And imagining the smiles and cheers I'm going to get when I tell them we're having steak tomorrow night.

The beautiful weather.  It's ten thirty-five and sixty-one degrees outside.  Beautiful.  I am ready for Spring and a camping trip!

Friends...and a warm welcome-home last night.

The thought of a nice night at home.  :)  I have a yummy dinner planned and I cannot wait to cook!  I've missed my own cooking this fun as it was being away, I don't love eating out all that much anymore.  The food is so much richer and it had my stomach messed up all weekend.

Jesus.  His love.  His mercy.  His grace.  His faithfulness.  His goodness.

I love Him.

(I saved the best for last.)

What makes you happy?  Share the love!

Love to all. 

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Shari said...

I loved reading about all your happy things! I am working on my list right now! :)

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