Friday, February 3, 2012

Tales From Friday

It wouldn't be a normal day if...

it wasn't someone's birthday.  This includes me serenading them with half their class joining in.  ;-)
some adorable kid didn't ask, "Mrs. Goodwin!  Did you paint your hair black?"
someone didn't tattle on someone who looked at them the wrong way.
there wasn't a lot of drama.
some parent didn't get mad at me for something.  Like following the rules.
Crash didn't drive me bonkers at some point in the day.
Todd didn't say something in a cute voice to make me less mad at him.  ;-)
Jonah didn't want to watch some crazy show.  Tonight is Finding Bigfoot.
Noah didn't climb something he shouldn't. 
Graham didn't do something to irritate someone in my house.
Drew didn't make me cringe in embarrassment. 
I didn't think how blessed I am...and thank God for all these little moments in life. 


Christa said...

I love your ability to remember these fleeting moments.. It's part of what blogging is all about.. I pray that I can remember moments like that when i have kids. I think blogging is a good way to practice remembering...

all4boys said...

Oh, you will remember, my friend! Even if sometimes you try hard NOT to! No, I'm just kidding...I love these little moments that God blesses me with. I feel like I spend half my night laughing at something ridiculous someone has done. Better to laugh than scream, right? Although, sometimes...

Love you!

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