Sunday, February 12, 2012

missing kids

My kids were gone most of the weekend.  The only one here almost all of Saturday was Graham, but he was sick and spent the day sleeping on and off.  Jonah and Noah came home later that afternoon, but Drew was gone until today after lunch. 

Man, I miss my kids when they're gone. 

Even with one of them's too quiet.  Drew is the loud one, in case you were wondering.  But Graham must come in a close second, because with him sleeping all day yesterday, it was just quiet and weird. 

I am definitely much happier when all my chicks are under one roof.  Are you that way?  I feel super protective of them, and though time away does make the heart grow fonder, I genuinely miss them when they're not here. 

Some other stuff:

Friday night my best friend and I went to dinner and to see The Vow.  Oh my goodness.  See it.  It's an awesome chick flick, and perfect being right here near Valentine's day. 

I cleaned a lot yesterday and went through half a can of Lysol.

I read almost half of the newest Janet Evanovich book, Explosive Eighteen. 

I made a really yummy lunch for Todd and I yesterday. 

I grocery shopped for some things to get us by till Monday.

I'm planning our meals this week and am not very motivated.  Except for dessert one night...I pretty much have that one figured out.  Is it bad that I just want dessert on Valentine's night???  I found a recipe for individual molten lava cakes.  Shut your mouth.  I know, right?

I thought about vacuuming the downstairs again.  But didn't. 

I repainted my fingernails.  Road House Blues.  :)  I love this website.  Click here if you want to see what I'm talking about. 

I took a couple naps.  One yesterday and one today. 

We hung out with our neighbors, because what would a weekend be without a little Travis and Katie?

What did you do this weekend? 

Share the love and comment.  If ya want.  Love to all. 


Christa said...

So where were they? I am so blessed by your fresh perspective.. too many people complain about how noisy and annoying their kids are. Love you!

all4boys said...

They were with Todd's mom and dad. Don't get me wrong...a little time away is great, but I was ready for us all to be together again! Love you, sweet girl!

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