Thursday, February 16, 2012



I love when kids do something nice without you having to ask them. 
I do not love when above mentioned kids argue with you.  Can anyone say, "Disrespectful?"  No, thank you.  Not in this house.

I love nights that we get to stay home.
I do not love nights that we don't.  Unless it's going to church, and that I do love.

I love when my husband walks through my door.
I do not love when he does not.  I miss his presence when he's gone.  I can't imagine what widows must feel like...but this feeling reminds me to pray for them.  Every chance I get. 

I love doing little things for the ones I love.  Like replacing his favorite lotion in the living room. 
I do not love when I forget to do more of these everyday little "things" that make everyday so wonderful.  I really do have good intentions, but I am really bad at putting them into fruition. 

I love talking to my girlfriends.
I do not love when I don't.  I miss them if too much time goes by, and then, when something reminds me of them, it makes me a little sad. 

I love winter.
I do not love winter when it feels like spring.

I love when kids get to play outside because of the nice weather.
I do not love rain.  Unless it's on a day when I don't have to go anywhere.  (Are you picking up on the fact that I love to be at home?)

I love long weekends. 
I do not love the week following one. 

I love when something good happens through the power of my words.  (I got a little blessing today from a stranger at Chik-Fil-A...he told me that I was God's gift to him this morning.  He thanked me for taking the time to tell him "Good morning", and he thanked me for my smile.  Can you believe that?  He so totally made my day!  Such a small, seemingly insignificant thing...yet to him, it wasn't.)
I do not love when something negative happens through the power of my words.  (Graham got out of my car this morning on a bad note.  I prayed all day long that despite our tiff, that his day would still be good, and that he would feel God's presence and my love.)  

What do you love and do not love?

Share the love and comment.  (And thank you so much for all the comments lately!  It always makes my day.)


Shari said...

LOVE this post!! I will have to put a list together but I could ditto pretty much all of yours!! :)

Christa said...

Oh so many things!

I LOVE long walks in the fall

I DO NOT love blustery days that prevent the enjoyment of the outdoors.

For some reason, that's the first thing that popped in my head.

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