Monday, February 27, 2012

Just Some Pictures...and maybe a few words

Drew.  Eleven years old.  Almost twelve.  Lover of all things food, girls, texting his friends, his actual best friends (last count, three), and Collierville Dragon Lacrosse.

Number eight.  Defender on his Lacrosse team.  His feet are officially bigger than mine, and we cannot keep him in clothes.  

Loves to talk.  Loves to watch his Dragons.  Loves (even more) to play with his Dragons.

He might not run very fast, he might not be the tallest, but when defending, he can have the strength of a wall. 

And all the gentleness of a bull in a china shop. 

Please slow down, Drew.  I am not quite ready for you to be growing up. 

Love to all. 


Shari said...

Great pics and post!! He is so lucky to have you for a mom! :)

all4boys said...

Thank you! I meant to write at the bottom that a dad from his lacrosse team gets the photo credits, but I forgot! Oops.

You are so is my sweet Kendall doing? I've been meaning to ask you.

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