Wednesday, February 15, 2012


fills my gas tank.
fixes things for me and won't tell me that I will always need him, he says.
calls me Jenny.
has really strong, rough hands.
is a natural-born teaser.
laughs this really cute laugh.
loves taking the boys places.
laughs at me when I talk silly to him.
thinks I cook good. 
loves me no matter what I look like.
has this voice that I love that turns all gravelly when he gets sleepy.
is a wonderful dad.
is an even more amazing husband.
is Todd.


Shari said...

GREAT post girl! We are lucky wives to have these great men, huh? :)

all4boys said...

Yes!! Thanks!

Christa said...

Cool picture. I love your "He" posts.

all4boys said...

Thanks, girly! The reason I put this picture on here is because he was talking to me on the phone. While fighting a fire (seven or eight years ago). Seriously???

I think it's funny. Love you!

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