Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Night

Well, I've been secretive on here because of the fact that I do not want my stepdad to yell at me for putting this out there in cyber space.  However, he doesn't live in our neighborhood and have our neighbors that watch out for us.

That being said (plus, I've already said it twice on Facebook), we're in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The older boys have a weekend long lacrosse tournament here and when Todd got a phone call from one of his customers for a job to do here, we decided to come early and make a whole weekend of it.

Fun!  We love to travel, and though we might not be far away, we're far enough to really feel like we're "away".  I love how much the boys love staying in hotels, and ours is awesome.  Wanna see a pic?

This is the outside.  Obviously.

These are the inside.  We're on the seventh floor.  :)

Heaven, in the eyes of little boys.  And glass elevators...oh my goodness gracious.  Amazing!  For them, at least.  Every time it goes down, my tummy drops.

Aren't they cute??

This is where we spent our afternoon...

Man, I love these guys.

What are your plans this weekend?

I cannot WAIT to cheer me on some CMS Dragons! 

Love your babies tonight.

Love to all.


Christa said...

That hotel reminds me of the one where we had my girls weekend before I got married. ahh.. sweet memories! I love the fact that y'all got a getaway and a pool all to yourselves. I hope the boys did well! Love you!

all4boys said...

I know! I told the boys the exact same thing. I'm so glad they got to experience such a nice place. :) I only want the best for my boys!!

It was loverly. It's so fun getting away with a bunch of family and friends. Todd's parents and my mom and stepdad were with us. So fun!

They played great...they each won one game. Out of four, but against some really tough teams. We are very proud. Love you!!

Shari said...

Looks like you all had a WONDERFUL time! I loved seeing some pics! Do you have more to share? ;-)

all4boys said...

I do, Shari...I just haven't downloaded from my camera yet! I need that camera that has the automatic post to Facebook button! Jessie Hanks has it...I think, and I'm wishing I had it!

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