Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I had a thought today: for those of us on Facebook...does our Facebook activity reflect who we are?  It should.  I think it says a lot about someone...whether joyful, thankful, sad, full of complaints...I am challenged to watch my words. 

I cried over a blog post written by my friend, Marian, yesterday.  It was about her beloved dog, Zeus, and reminded me of that day last year when I was convinced Andy was about to die.  Seriously...I boohooed.  And then today as I told her that at work, I laughed so hard over our dog antics that I almost cried. 

My laundry has not been touched since Monday.  It's piling up and is close to overtaking my laundry room.  Yup, you read right.  I am human.  But the one thing I have not neglected is reading the Bible!  I am so excited over my daily reading...I crave this time.  Crave it. 

I am in a new Bible study at church.  It's the new Beth Moore one on's called Mercy Triumphs.  I love the homework so far. 

My stomach has been hurting a lot lately...last night, this morning...right now.  :-( 

Drew had number one of his two part evaluation today at the Southern College of Optometry.  It was stated that he does definitely need vision therapy...once a week for anywhere from eight to twenty four weeks.  Yowza.  That is a LOT of school to miss and a lot of work to have to think about.  :-(  I foresee a future meeting with my boss.  (Did I mention that he is seeing double?  His eyes are not working with one another, and we are trying to correct this.  My dad had this when he was young, and so did my mother-in-law.)

I am thinking ahead to next year in school...and am in some need of prayer, if you are the praying type.  I am praying for guidance and for wisdom and discernment.  And clear-headedness. 

I made a very judgmental comment tonight watching American Idol, and now I feel bad.  :-( 

We watched the season premier of American Idol!  I loved that last guy, Phillip Phillips.  (I know, right??)

I am on a reading kick.  As in, cannot get enough time in to read.  I came home on Tuesday, read the Bible, completed two days of Bible study homework, and ate lunch so I could finish the amazing book I was reading. 

I'm thinking of painting my kitchen.  I warned Todd tonight that someday in the distant future he might come home to a new kitchen.  :-)  And I'm not even telling him the color.  My mom and I were brainstorming this morning.  Mom is really good at helping pick colors and picking the perfect fabric to make curtains.  And she just so happens to be bored right now, so why not???

I also want to paint the playroom...but before that happens, it needs to be cleaned out.  This task overwhelms me.  Kinda like the attic...same thing.  It needs cleaning, but it's too overwhelming!

Birthdays are going to be here before I know it.  Exciting!!!

I cannot believe Todd and I agreed upon the fact that Graham could buy a set of drums. 

I am in the process of trying to develop a new habit of planning out our entire week's worth of meals...and week one has been a success.  :-) 

I have to go to bed before my stomach makes me any more miserable. 

Love to all. 

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