Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What's For Dinner, Tuesday Edition

Well, there will be other stuff than just dinner on this blog post.  Just wanted to warn you.

This morning started off bright and early at the middle school.  I had to park far away, so as I was walking, I was thinking how much I will miss seeing this building everyday.  (The kids will have a brand new middle school next school year.)

I am such a sucker for historical buildings.  I never had the privilege of going to this school back when it was Collierville High School, but all my sisters did grace the hallways with their presence.  I have several pictures up on Facebook for them, because I know they like to remember what those days were like. 

Yes, I was standing in the middle of College Street.  There were no cars coming, though, so no worries. 

And yes, I took these pictures with this blog in mind.  Crazy, huh?  It seems nowadays I have lots to say about lots of different things, and my friend Shari would be proud to know that I enjoy using pictures. 

So, after awards were presented this morning for honor roll, we got to eat donuts and have milk.  :)  Poor Todd can't drink milk anymore, so he had to have water.  God love him...milk makes his sinuses go crazy, so he doesn't drink it anymore.  After we ate, we got to sit around and visit. 

I love these middle school kids.  :)  These two guys came to sit with Graham as we sat around the lunch table and chatted.  Isn't this a great picture??  Todd had just taken my picture with Graham and Thomas (the one with his head thrown back) was making fun of him.  (All in good nature.)  I told him to keep on doing it.  He did.  So I took this picture.  :)  And now it's on my blog.  Alex is the boy next to him.  I love their expressions...makes me happy to see happy kids.  We also go to church with Alex. 

Me and my Graham.  :)  He took this picture with a good attitude.  Somebody is just like his daddy and does not like to have his picture taken. 

Lastly is dinner!  It was yummy.  We had pork chops, salad (with homemade ranch dressing), roasted broccoli and cauliflower and bread.  I marinated the pork chops in Italian dressing, then seared them in a pan with olive oil until they were nice and crusty on the outside.  I finished them in the oven, at 375 for 30 minutes.  I scraped the pan that I seared them in and drizzled that on top of them, then poured the leftover marinade over them. 

Success!  Once again, everyone loved it.  Nobody had anything left on their plates.  I even have enough leftover for one person to have it another night this week.  Awesome!

What was for dinner at your house? 

Love to all!

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