Thursday, January 26, 2012

Things That Make You Go Hmmmm

Sounds like a song, huh?

I wonder if my dog is teething?  He is rolling all around on the dog bed, gnawing on a rope.  And on the rubber end of it.

I wonder if people could observe themselves, would they act differently?

I wonder if Andy the Wonder Dog hates me.  This might be why he randomly get a pb&j sandwich every once in a blue moon.  :-)

I wonder if the maid is ever going to get caught up on all her laundry and house cleaning?

I wonder if I'm addicted to carmex?

I wonder if we all just smiled more, what in the world would this place be like?!

I wonder if Frito Lays knows how amazing their cheddar sour cream chips are?

I wonder if people know the power of their words?

I wonder if they DID, would they change them into a softer, non-accusatory tone?

I wonder if I have always known the meaning of being (and having) a friend?  A true one?

I wonder if people know how amazing Jesus is.  And how He, when we pray, replaces our fears with calm, our upset with peace, and our troubles for joy?  But you have to ask.  And you have to believe.

I wonder if each one of us continuously poured into just one person, what would happen?  (Our church is offering a challenge similar to "each one, reach one".)

I wonder if anyone reads this?  Because I don't get very many comments.  :-(

Love to all.


Christy Bullock said...

Hahaha! I read it! And I LOVE the cheddar sour cream chips too! And I'm experiencing how amazing Jesus is, just as you wrote. I like reading your blog, even when I don't comment. :)

all4boys said...

Thank you for commenting! They're crazy good. I was having them as a snack when I wrote that. Lol. Thank you! I love reading yours, too. :)

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