Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pet Peeves

I have them.  I have lots of them.  Do you?  I thought I would share a few...in case you were dying to know.

Teachers who are mean.  I am in the middle of a little "tiff" with one of Graham's teachers.  Do they not know and realize the power of their words?  You can literally make or break a seventh grader with your words alone...their self-esteems are very fragile at this point in time, and shame on them for not being mindful of that!

The commercial on cable for the new show "Taboo". 

Holy socks.  (And yes, I know that is not really a word, at least when it comes to socks...but you get my drift.)

Hair on my floor.  Dog hair.  For all these years I thought Andy's hair was bad.  Then came Crash.  His little white hairs are all over my hardwood, and it is enough to drive me bonkers!

Chapped lips.  Mine are horribly chapped right now, and the only thing that soothes them is Carmex.  (Carlips.  Grin.)

Mean kids.  I am almost to the point of being fed up...I hate how politically correct everything is nowadays, and how mean kids are rewarded for doing good on one day, and good kids (who are good ALL the time) are ignored.  Do NOT get me started.  I'd better stop right there. 

Parents that aren't parents.  Get the picture?

Chipped nailpolish.  Mine is chipped right now, and driving me nuts.  I need to go fix it, but can't seem to find the energy.  I am going to read my new Debbie Macomber book instead.  :)

Kids that argue.  That is all. 

Weather that can't decide what to do...today it was almost seventy degrees...tonight, as I write this, my computer says forty-one.  Grrrrrr.

That sick, moist/humid feeling.  And what my hair looks like on such days.  Curly hair only likes cold weather. 

The two/to/too, there/their/they're mistake.  Learn it, people!!!  And you would be shocked at how many people make that mistake. 

That's about all I can think of for now (actually, I could go on, but I don't want to seem too down-in-the-dumps!). 

What are some of your pet peeves?  I know you have them.  Leave some love.  Comment.  I know you read this.  Yup, YOU.  :)

Love to all!

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