Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mama Bear

So, I had a little run in with another teacher from the middle school yesterday.  :-(  Unfortunately, sometimes I have this problem of going into Mama Bear mode.  I'm not a confrontational person, but here lately...oh my goodness.  I hate that I am like this sometimes.  And I asked a friend (who also had a run in with this teacher over the same issue with her son) to please remind me to NOT do that again. 

Sometimes I have a hard time remembering this.

I think I also forgot to pray before I sent the email. 

So, I had to go back and apologize for jumping to any conclusions, and though I do not like the outcome, at least it's just one little moment in time. 

I don't really want to post what it was right now...maybe next week when I've cooled off a little.  I think my feelings are still hurt. 

Isn't it funny, how that works?  I am so pouty sometimes!  Somedays it stinks being a girl. 

Are you like this with your kids?  I think we all have to be this way a little...because if we don't stand up for our kids, who will?  But still...I should have prayed first. 

Thank you to my friends who've been leaving comments!  It makes my heart so happy to see that little number in that section.  Feel free to keep sharing the love! 

Love to all. 


Shari said...

It's definitely a natural reaction. Sadly, I am finding the need to be an advocate for my kids even more these days with some of their teachers. Makes me sad. This has been a ROUGH year for all three kids. I will be glad when it is over! How long until summer??!!

Christy Bullock said...

It's certainly easy to go into Mama Bear mode. We naturally stick up for our kids. We know their teachers (or anyone else) don't know them like we do. We are supposed to have their backs! But you are right in that we should pray before we react. We should respond. I respect that you apologized for it. Those are good lessons for our kids too.

all4boys said...

I'm glad y'all are the same way...that makes me feel better. I did go back and apologize because I did jump to a conclusion, and I was truly sorry for that part. I also wanted to say, "I'm sorry YOU overreacted and are now punishing my son who has not been in trouble since he was in the first grade!!!" But I didn't. ;-) I just saved that for the blog.

Things like this make me flip out and want to homeschool all four of them. I'm seriously contemplating it for next year...because of middle school issues. I'm tired of all the kids being stockpiled into one category because of the kids who get in trouble all the time. And don't care about it. It's not fair that they're judged.

But life is not fair, either, and I read in James this morning (doing the Beth Moore Bible study, OUCH) that we have to keep a tight rein on our tongue. Um. I failed that miserably in the email I sent yesterday.

Lord, help me.

Love you ladies...friends like you help me stay sane!!

Christa said...

I love getting your comments and I love you. I love how blog sharing can reach beyond ourselves.. I love you!

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