Thursday, January 12, 2012


He has a special heart.  He reminds me of Graham when he was that age.  On Tuesday, Jonah was so excited to come home and tell me a story.  He had been in class that afternoon when their room's intercom buzzed and an assistant called and asked if Jonah could please come to the office.  (Words that would probably scare most kids!)

Once he got there, it was explained to him that the principal had asked for him specifically.

There was a special friend on the playground that they wanted to teach to use the rope climb.  Jonah had helped with this friend in the past in the classroom, and he is really good with him.  Because of that, the principal knew that Jonah would do good with him on the playground.

So, Jonah went out and demonstrated for him.  :)  A little bird told me that the friend listened really well to Jonah, and he ended up accomplishing exactly what they wanted him to.   

As I walked by our principal yesterday, she stopped me and told me what a great job Jonah had done.  I thanked her for choosing him to work with our special friend.  I also told her she had made his entire week by singling him out.  A funny thing about twins is that usually never happens.  I'm glad it did for a day.  A little extra attention never hurt anybody.

I am really proud of this special boy of mine.  (They're ALL special in their own separate ways...but this day, I am talking about my little Jonah.)  It does a Mom's heart good to hear good things about her kids.  Especially coming from the principal of the school...who sees literally hundreds of kids everyday and interacts with them.

Thank You, Lord, for the gift You gave me in my kids.

Love to all.


Debi said...

I love my Jonah too! That is so sweet!!

all4boys said...

Jonah loves his Auntie Debi! :) Miss you!

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