Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Monday!

Okay, so the pictures in my previous post are horribly blurry.  They were taken from my phone, but so were many of the others you've seen on here.  I don't know why these were any different.  Oh, well.  If they made you feel cross-eyed, I'm sorry.  They made me feel that way. 

I do not love getting up early on Monday mornings.  I kept on pushing the snooze button this morning, and finally decided to get up.  The dogs are so funny, especially Crash.  Andy waits on me to come downstairs everyday, but the minute I turn on the upstairs lamp in the hall, Crash starts whimpering.  It's like he's been waiting so patiently, and he is done.  It always takes a minute to get to him, because I take all the dirty clothes to the laundry, turn on a living room lamp (because it's still dark) and turn on a kitchen light.  Andy just stands and waits patiently, Crash on the other hand...not so much. 

I desperately need to go to the grocery store.  I have my meals planned out for the week, but I'll post about that later.  I need the dinner items and I need lunch box items.  I'm so low on things in my pantry that Graham and Drew are buying today.  Pitiful.  Do you make your kids' lunches every morning?  What do you put in them?  I'd love to know...I try to switch things up some, so I love new ideas. 

I started my latest book last night.  I'd been putting it off because I was excited about it.  I always do that with the Janet Evanovich books.  I love them and always read them in a couple of days.  The one I'm reading now is Smoking Seventeen.  So far, so good!  If you read her books...I have a question?  Morelli or Ranger?

To not have a lot of food in my house right now, I was impressed with what I could come up with for Graham's and Drew's breakfast.  Cheese toast and turkey bacon.  :)  They love it. 

One of my favorite things to do in the mornings is to catch up on the blogs I love.  Which ones do you like to read?  Most of mine don't write often enough. 

I'm going to get started on my laundry.  What I can, anyway, since I'm all out of detergent.  Seriously...who (with four kids) runs out of laundry detergent???  Me, apparently. 

Happy Monday and love to all.


Shari said...

Monday mornings are not my favorite either. Especially when it starts at 3am with my sweet girl throwing up. It's been going on every 20 minutes ever since. :(

I pack the boys lunches every day. They refuse to eat school food. Kendall is about 50/50 buying & taking. As for what we pack, it is very boring but I have VERY picky eaters. PB & Nutella sandwiches,chips, goldfish, mixed fruit cups, a cookie, brownie or fun size candy bar, carrots and ranch dressing, cheese and crackers, fruit snacks, etc. Like I said, nothing exciting.

I LOVE starting my morning with reading my fav blogs too! I get so sad when they don't post. LOL!

Have a great day!

Christy Bullock said...

Our lunches aren't terribly exciting either. My older one buys his lunch unless it's something he doesn't like. Here in Louisiana, they have a lot of gumbo, jambalaya and red beans and rice. He's not a big fan of those. The little one only eat pizza or hot dogs from school.

So, their lunches usually consist of a sandwich, yogurt, pickle, cheese stick, carrots/ranch, and a fudge round or something sweet. I make the lunches in the morning, so quick and easy is essential. We aren't morning people.

By the way, I love reading your blog. I love that you write normal, everyday things that make me feel normal. And there is much inspiration in your attitude and your love for your family. Thanks!

all4boys said...

Awesome lunch ideas!!! Thank you both, ladies! I'm headed to the Kroger after work, so I'm going to stock up.

Plus, I can't forget our weekly meals! I can't wait to post about these. :)

Thank you both, for your sweet words! And for the comments! Yay!! Hope Kendall feels better soon, Shari.


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