Monday, January 30, 2012

Dinner...Monday Night Edition

I told my Mom tonight that it's a joy cooking for people who love what you cook.  And it is.  I love cooking, and always have.  I've just had picky eaters.  It's easy to start disliking to cook when you have little people that won't eat what you make. 

That being said, everyone in my house has done a great job of trying everything that I've made.  They haven't all loved every little thing, but they've all tried it and admitted that it was better than they thought. 

Even tonight's recipe. 

Which was Simple, Perfect Chili.  By The Pioneer Woman.  Click here to see her blog.  To get the recipe, click here

It was amazing.  Every last slurp of it.  Even down to the lime wedges.  Ahmaazing!  My Mom and Bill (my food critic) agreed.  :) 

How was your dinner?  Our was fantastic!  And yes, I did make Southern fried chicken strips for the few picky ones that were protesting the chili.  Because even though they tried it, it had a definite kick to it.  But it was oh, so good!

Sorry I don't have any pictures...I was so hungry by the time I got the food in the bowl, that all thought had flown out of my brain.  Love to all!

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