Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Character of my Kids

Graham.  Twelve, going on twenty-two.  Legalistic.  Leader.  Helper. 

The first picture was taken when he was eight.  I think?  Andy is in the backseat, so it's been within the six years we've had him.  And yes, he is truly driving that Jeep.  The passenger you see is my husband's best friend, Bob.  The driving was taking place on Bob's farm. 

Drew.  Funny.  Loyal.  Loves to laugh.  Friend.  Tenderhearted.  Compassionate. 

Drew was fishing with Big Daddy.

Drew got this shiner by not holding his baseball glove in front of his face.  This eye started with a goose egg and ended in the colors of the rainbow.  He was so proud of his black eye!  And the girls loved it.

I'm pretty sure this was on his birthday.  Crazy kid. 

Jonah.  Helper.  Compassionate.  Smiley.  Bossy. 

My favorite picture of Jonah ever...this was taken in Nashville when he and Noah were two years old.  :)

Mr. Blue Eyes, himself.  And those precious little dimples.  And sweet red cheeks.  :) 

Noah.  Sweet.  Complimentary.  Encouraging.  Loves to draw.  Quietly reserved. 

Sweet, baby Noah.  

 A really cool park in Nashville. 

His favorite jeans ever, and his first time in a pair of ice skates.  This was after a Memphis Riverkings game. 

Love to all. 

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