Sunday, December 4, 2011

Our weekend...

It's been another amazing weekend.  (Aside from some REALLY strange dreams I've been having.)  The parade Friday night was so much fun.  My dad went with us, and once we were there, we met up with some friends.  I never get tired of watching this...and someday, when my kids are all too cool to go with me, I will probably just go find someone with kids that are still little enough to enjoy it.

I love it. 

There was a little boy that got ran over, though...I don't know the whole story, but he got ran over by a float.  So, if you think of him, pray for him...I'm assuming he's pretty young. 

My mom and I did some Christmas shopping on Saturday...hers, not mine.  I helped her shop for the boys, and I picked out my birthday and Christmas from her.  :)  I came home and did a little bit of cooking for a couple different parties, and we all split up.  Jonah and Noah went next door to our neighbors, Graham and Drew went to a Wyldlife party, and Todd and I went to our (new) Sunday school class party.  It was a really fun night...I think we finally found a good match for us in Sunday school.  Before we started coming to our new church, we had not attended Sunday school in two years.  Not because we couldn't get there, but because there wasn't one that we felt like we fit into.  At our new church, there are tons of options in classes, and you're encouraged to visit as many as you can.  Because sometimes it takes a long time to find that one that "fits". 

I think we found it, though.  :)

After the party, we gathered up our kids, and I went over to my best friend's house.  Just for some girl time.  We're trying to make more of an effort to get together more often...even if it's in short amounts...because it's really important.  And who doesn't need time like that??

Today we have church, and tonight is Jonah's and Noah's Christmas program.  I cannot wait!  I don't know how excited they are, but I'm thrilled.  For those of you who know Jonah, this is a huge step for him...he is such a behind-the-scenes kind of kid.  Like his daddy.  For him to willingly get up on a stage with a big group of kids and sing, all while people are watching him, is a huge milestone.  He did this one year a few years ago at our old church, and there was a boy who was cutting up behind Jonah.  All the bigger kids watching were laughing at that boy, and Jonah burst into tears, thinking they were all laughing at him.  It was awful.  Todd had to go up to the stage, pick him up, and carry him out of the chapel. 

God love his little heart. 

So you see how huge this is for him.  I'm so excited...and I will be praying for my sweet little Jonah bug this afternoon...for him not to be nervous or apprehensive. 

Well, that's about all we've done...our weekend in a nutshell.  It's been a great one...and it's not even over yet.  :)  Hope you've all enjoyed yours.  Love to all!

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