Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Life is a Comedy

Seriously.  I totally "get" my sister Debi thinking Ashton Kutcher is always hiding around the corner with the crew of that show Punk'd.  I get it.

As I write this, Evil Knievel is banned to the dog bed.  He's sulking because he's in trouble, and Andy the Wonder Dog is pacing the floor.  My downstairs flows from one room into the next, and he's made the circle a good ten times in half that many minutes.  Maybe it's because he's a little in trouble himself.  He growled at me when I tried to get the bone back that he stole from EK.

(And if you haven't figured it out yet, the pup is EK only when he's been bad.)

I have to admit that I'm a little bothered by Andy when he growls.  It's not a little whimper.  It's a deep down, from his gut sound that makes my hair stand on edge.

Even though I don't think he would bite me, I smacked him with the rolled up newspaper I was about to smack EK with.  Just because I had it handy and because he scared the daylights out of me.

Maybe this is my payback for not going to Bible study tonight.

As much as I love it, I didn't finish the week's homework.  And that bothers me.  Plus, Jonah and Noah didn't really want to go watch themselves perform their Christmas program.  And they would have sat there for 45 minutes doing just that, before moving on to RA's.

Not that I always let them decide what to do, but after my busy week and crazy afternoon, it just seemed like a good idea to stay home tonight.  Graham and Drew went, though...I just dropped them off.

It's one of the bonuses of living within walking distance to your church.  Amazing, I tell you.  Simply amazing.

Anyway...because of the snow, EK is having to take care of his business in the front yard.  The back yard is a muddy/snowy swamp.  So before I fed the dogs, I asked Noah to take them outside.  I fed them, and they came in.  Well, Andy came in all nice and calm.  EK bounded in like a bat out of hell (not cursing at you, I'm talking about the place), stepped in Andy's dog bowl and managed to get Andy's food all over kingdom come.

All while poor Andy looked on with his little sad eyes.

Thinking (because not only do our animals think, they speak to us), once again, "You got me a new furry friend WHY???".

I could almost hear him sigh in frustration.  Hence the pacing.

Noah tried to clean up the dog food, but I finally gave up.  So Andy and EK got a little bonus dinner tonight.  Or maybe it was doggy dessert.  Oh, wait...nope.  Dessert was the popcorn that kept dropping to the floor while we ate.

So you see why we were forced to eat this for dinner.

It's got some dairy content, right?  And grains from the chips?  
Does this go well with the popcorn and hot chocolate they all had at five o'clock?

 I know, I know...I'm making you jealous with my mad parental skills.  ;-)

Don't judge.

It's hard to believe that something this cute can be so much trouble.  But he is sometimes.  I know he's a puppy and all, but sometimes he is so mischievous.  I keep thinking 'memories, memories, MEMORIES!!!  

When I think of the memories we'll have from him and how, someday, he will be a wonderful (non-mischievous) companion, it makes it all worth while. 

Sometimes we just have nights like these.

I'm treasuring them.  I promise, I am treasuring them.  I wouldn't trade one single second of my life for all the money in the world.  I know my boys will have wonderful memories of their childhood...not because of us, but because of all the crazy fun we had when they were young.

I know someday I will miss Drew singing a mixed up Christmas carol about why I should be thankful that he likes to play with matches.  (Do not freak out.  He doesn't.)

I know someday I will miss the sound of Jonah and Noah pooting in the tub while they take a bath.

I know someday I will miss having messes to clean up.  Or will I???

All too soon they will not be around for me to have funny stories to write to you about.  That makes me sad.

And as for all the above...even if I am going a little bit crazy, this is my life and I love it.

Thank You, Lord, for Your many blessings.  I am overflowing.

Love to all. 


google said...

This made me laugh outloud! I knew that little dog was going to be a handful! I could tell he has some of that Jack Russell in him. Poor Andy! Any have the comedy right now and I have the drama...just sayin!!

all4boys said...

I know...I was concerned when I heard his name was "Crash". He's really not bad, though...just a puppy...and a curious one at that. He's so cute that it saves him from getting into even more trouble. One look at his little face and we all melt.

You have the drama? Not good. I'm sorry we kept missing each other the other day! I'll try calling you again this afternoon. I love you!

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