Tuesday, November 22, 2011

You know your day might not be the best when...

You're up half the night with a stomach ache.  :-( 

Your eyes pop open at 4:48 a.m., realizing that, yup...you still don't feel great. 

Evil Knievel has been out of his kennel for ten minutes, and he is already on your last nerve. 

You see that it's raining.  Pouring, actually.  Again.

You wake up your kids 20 minutes early (because they tell you to), and they don't get up.  And they're still twenty minutes late coming down the stairs. 

You consider treating the pup like a baby and laying him down for his nap every couple hours.  Just because he bugs the daylights out of me.  And Andy the Wonder Dog. 

You look forward to a night out...with your mom, cooking for the big Thanksgiving meal on Thursday.  :-)

Actually, I think it'll turn out okay.  At least, that's what I'm praying.  Happy Tuesday and love to all. 

1 comment:

Shari said...

I am so sorry that you weren't feeling well Tuesday. I was at school doing copies AND helping with crafts in Kendall's class. I missed ya!

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