Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What's More Important?

A perfect house, or a messy one filled with laughter and love?
Time with family, or time spent doing trivial things?
Taking the time and participating in traditions, or making sure everyone is in bed on time every night?

I am only asking these rhetorically.  Of course, I know which is more important in each question, but my point is this: I have to remind myself of this daily.  I so easily get "sucked in" to needing to have a spotless really clean house.  I also feel the need to spend countless amounts of time doing things that don't matter.  Facebook, blogging, reading...instead of spending quality time with my kids.  Doing things that they ask reading their favorite stories to them, or taking them to the library, or for ice cream...things like that.

My goal is to say "yes" more to them.  Like when they beg if they can please, please, please sleep in the playroom, because it's a special night.  Yes.  Or when they want me to make them hot chocolate.  Yes.  Or when they want to leave the house at 7:30 with a cat and both the dogs and go drive around looking at Christmas lights.  Yes. 

Get my drift? 

I'm nowhere near the perfect mom.  I say " no" too much.  I am guilty of all the things I listed above.  I pray every single day that I will enjoy the moment I am in with my kids...and I thank God that I have them here on earth with me.  I don't ever want to take a moment for granted.  Not one single moment.

 Do you want to join me in saying "yes" more?  This is the perfect time of year to start.  Why not start some new traditions?  I know that before long, these days will be nothing but a memory.  Why not live a little?

Love to all. 


Clementsville: Population of 4! said...

I needed to hear this!! Thanks for sharing!!
Oh- we are going to be a house full of boys just like y'all... baby #3 is a BOY!!!!

all4boys said...

Boys are AMAZING!!! In case you didn't know that. ;) Congrats, girly!!!

amanda said...

you are exactly right! I remember early on when I was working with kids if one came up to me when I was busy and wanted (but didn't really need) a band-aid, I'd tell them no, they didn't need one, we shouldn't waste it, it'll heal better without it anyway, etc...... really, I probably just didn't want to take the time (like what? a minute?) to get it. Now I know, if something as little as a band-aid can make them feel that much better, then yes, I will most definitely get them a band-aid! Not exactly what you were talking about, I know, but your post reminded me of it.

And really, there are so many instances that are so very similar. It's just something else in place of the band-aid.

hugs and kisses from NC!

all4boys said...

I agree totally, Amanda! And you're right...usually it's taking the time to do it. I'm guilty of not taking the time. :-( They're only ours for a little while...I'm really going to try harder to take that time that they crave.

Love you bunches! Kiss Claire for us!

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