Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turkey Day!

I am so thankful for this day...a day to give God thanks for Who He is in my life. 

He is love, joy, peace, comfort, healer, physician, provider, friend, fortress, strength, the only One I can always turn to.  The gift I am most thankful for is the one that only He can everlasting.  Life will never come without its ups and downs, but I am thankful that He is there to carry me through when I can't walk on my own. 

He is the best Friend I have. 

He alone can satisfy my every need. 

He is the One who created this amazing family that I sweet husband, my kids...and the blessing of good health.

He knew how boring we would be if He created us all the same, so He made us all with unique qualities and characteristics...and my crazy kids keep us laughing. 

He gave us many (many, many) people to love on in our extended families. 

He gave us the gift of heart is so happy and full of love for all the dear ones in my life who've sent me 'happy Thanksgiving' texts this morning. 

I hope you have a wonderfully blessed, happy Thanksgiving.  I know I will.  Love to all, my friends!

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