Saturday, November 26, 2011


I love them.  I have my favorites that we do during this time of year.  Do you? 

What are yours?

One of ours started last night.  We celebrated Thanksgiving with my Dad and Sandy.  We always go out to his house the Friday after Thanksgiving at around four and eat an early dinner.  The boys always play football outside while we clean up inside, and they walk around, admiring his thousands of Christmas lights.  After everything is cleaned and leftovers have been divided, we head to the Zoo for Zoo Lights.  And last night, we were not disappointed.

They were beautiful.  It seemed so much better this if you are thinking about going, then I encourage you to go.  There were more lights, I think maybe because News Channel 3 sponsored it, and there didn't even seem to be that many people there.  I'm sure there were...but it didn't seem like it.  They used to give carriage rides, but when they brought in the ice skating rink they did away with that and made the tram free for everyone.

It was wonderful.  :)

Some more of my traditions start this week.  Tuesday night is the Christmas tree lighting on the square, and Friday night is our parade.  I'm bummed because Todd is working on Tuesday night.  He even asked me about it ahead of time, but I answered without looking at my calendar.  I don't know if he can change it or not, but I'm going to see if he can.  If he can, then great.  If not...then we'll be okay, although I will miss him.  (Sniff, sniff.)

I'm hoping to see my best friend this week...I might ask if her and her kids will go with us Tuesday night if Todd can't change it and if her husband is working.  I know her daughter is older...but I ran into them last year, so hopefully that will work out. 

So yesterday was the most wonderful day ever.  :)  My sweet hubby started helping me get Christmas decorations out of our attic the minute he was dressed.  (He'd gone out at eleven and again at one-something, not returning until three a.m.)  We got most of it done...the important stuff, anyway.  Our tree is up and all the living room is finished.  I have some tweaking to do in the kitchen and dining room, and we have to put up our staircase bannister holly and get the outside finished.  And I need to pull out the Christmas dishes.  :)  I love this time of year!  Love, love, love it.  It is my most favorite. 

Speaking of this time of year, I recently heard about a book that I'm going to buy today.  It's called Untangling Christmas.  You can go HERE to take a look and see what's about, if you're interested. 

It's all about getting organized and realizing and focusing on what is important this Christmas season.  There's even a section on "traditions" and some ideas for new ones. 

Right up my alley. 

Some of our other traditions include driving around looking at Christmas lights, and special seasonal events that will (hopefully) take place at our (still kinda new) church. 

What are some of your traditions? 

Feel free to share them.

Until then...I have to go.  I have pies in the oven for some of our shut-ins from church.  We're delivering Thanksgiving meals to them today. 

Enjoy your day!  Love to all!

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