Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Things That I Love

Pinterest.  At least this one's semi-productive.  There are all kinds of ideas on this website, but be prepared to spend a LOT of time looking.  I only do it when my kids are in bed or occupied with something else. 

Beth Sansone.  She is the most amazing teacher.  E.V.E.R.  Today she asked me to be the Elf on a shelf she has in her room.  Oh, the fun!!!  That naughty Elf stacked chairs on kids' desks, tipped over Mrs. Sansone's chair, scattered water bottles, threw a yoga ball away...he was one naughty little fella!

Time with the boys after school.  Right now, Drew and I are enjoying a nice conversation.  He's telling me what they're doing tonight in youth.  Which happens to be the wheel of doom.  Think Fear Factor...and that's what they're doing tonight.  :)  I love our church.

Bible study.  I am so thankful for a group of ladies that continue to meet!!!  I already know that after Christmas, we're starting Beth Moore's newest one.  James: Mercy Triumphs.  :)

My amazing family.  I love my parents (all 6 of them).  And my step parents.  And my sisters.  And my niece and nephews. 

Cold weather.  I am telling you...I could live in Alaska, and I would be in Heaven. 

Well...I gotta fix dinner.  Love to all. 


Shari said...

You will have to share some elf ideas with me. I am afraid I will run out before Christmas!! Kendall gets soooooo excited every day to see what he has done.

I love sweater & boot weather, but not when it's so cold that it's painful.

Pinterest is one of my FAVORITE websites ever! I have so many things I want to do. Now to find the time...

all4boys said...

Go to Pinterest!!! There are so many ideas on there for what to do with the mischievous little fellas. :) Good luck!!!

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