Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Feast and Monday Stuff

Today was a blessed, fast day.  We were really short handed at work, which made for a very fast-paced day.  I'm so thankful that two of the amazing assistants insisted on being with me the entire time...and eating their lunches after all the kids' lunches were over.  They even let me sneak out five minutes early so I could be at Jonah's and Noah's Thanksgiving feast.  I love the people I work with.  I'm blessed to be a part of an amazing school. 

Jonah's and Noah's Thanksgiving feast was so much fun.  The only thing missing was their sweet teacher, Beth.  She had to stay home today because she is sick.  I feel so bad for her...this is one of the funnest things they do in third grade, and she had to miss it.  I was happy to see another teacher's mom in there subbing, though.  She is the sweetest lady and reminds me of my mom.  She's a fun sub and the kids love her.  Jonah and Noah even gave her a goodbye hug before I checked them out early. 


Yes, I am so that mom.  I love checking my kids out early any time I can.  I can't let them "skip" certain days anymore, since I work there and all, so this makes up for it.  I will take any excuse I can get...field trip days, field days, class parties...I'll take any day I can get.  I love checking them out early.  Today it was a whole two hours.  Especially since the teacher wasn't there...all the more reason.  :)

I cooked dinner actual thought-out, time-put-into-it, dinner.  Too bad it's making me feel sick to my stomach.  :(  I think I need some Prilosec.  Or Pepcid.  Something like that.  BLAH. 

Well, our first Christmas movie of the season is almost finished.  The boys were channel surfing earlier, and saw that Snow Buddies was, Todd and I are watching it.  Yup, you read right.  Todd and I.  Not any other humans.  Just the furry ones, Todd and I.  They're all upstairs playing a video game.  Since it's been rainy today and all. 

Enjoy your evening!  We will.  :)  Love to all!

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