Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Little Weird? Anyone?

My puppy, when I claim him, is cute.  And spastic.  He also pees on the floor quite often, which makes me mad.  But now that I bought more paper towels to clean up with, maybe I won't be quite as frustrated.  Anyway, the puppy (whom I've considered renaming Evil Knievel) likes to chew on the rubber handle of his rope toy.  Most puppies like the rope...not EK, though.  He likes the handle.  Weird.

Today is Thursday.  I was short on help at work today, but thankfully I had two moms who came to volunteer.  Kids were loud.  Ketchup was splattered to Kingdom Come.  And I left the cafeteria with a smile on my face and a "thank You, Jesus" in my heart.  Weird, huh?

Andy the Wonder Dog is currently napping upstairs.  He didn't bark when I came home.  I think he's sacked because of all the playing him and EK did in the backyard this morning.  They were chasing each other.  And ended in a Mexican standoff, until EK ran under the trampoline.  I don't know if Andy is tired or just mad at me still.  I feel like I've somehow betrayed him by getting another dog.  I know.  It's weird.

I had another little darling give me a chocolate Lindor truffle today!  I'd eat it right now...if it weren't in the pocket of my apron at school.  :-(  That one's not so weird, but I thought I would share it with you.

I like to come home every day and watch the cooking channel on television.  My favorite show is the Giada show...Everyday Italian.  I am planning on using one of her recipes when we make Big Daddy his birthday dinner next month.  Graham likes to watch these shows with me.  He loves to cook and will actually be doing most of the birthday dinner himself.  Another not-so-weird one.

In the few minutes that I've been writing this post, Evil Knievel has stopped gnawing on the rubber handle to watch a Macy's commercial on tv, and he came over to lick the bottom of my shoe.  I don't even want to know why he wants to do that.  Weirdo. 

Well...I am going to take a little siesta so that I don't pass out in the middle of the movie tonight.  :)  Love to all.

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