Wednesday, November 16, 2011

a little run through of my (now) comical day

My alarm clock went off.  Once.  Twice.  Three times.  On the fourth go-round, I finally managed to roll out of bed.

Breakfast was easy...but quick, since I wasn't the only one who couldn't get up.  (Ahem, Drew.)

I dropped the older boys off at school at 7:05 for FCA.

I drove home. 

And turned around, when Drew told me he forgot his backpack in my car. 


I woke up Jonah and Noah.  And let the dogs out in the backyard for the fourth time since 6:20 or so.  (My floors are a muddy mess...or were, anyway.)

Breakfast was easy...and laundry was calling me, so it was a quick affair.  I had a little gentleman offer to carry the basket up the stairs for me.  Since right now, going upstairs involves stepping onto a chair and climbing over the baby gate that is keeping Evil Knievel from going up them to further torment the felines that are living up there. 

I dropped the boys off at school....after turning around to get the jackets that Jonah and Noah forgot...and lecturing a couple extra's on when it's appropriate to laugh and cut up...and when it's not.  This morning was NOT appropriately timed. 

I came home and settled down to finish up my Bible study homework.  And was having a grand 'ole time, when the phone rang.  It was the middle school, informing me that Drew had fallen down the stairs.  :-(  He was okay, but shaken up.  I took him some sweet tea and gave him two Motrin's.  He didn't want to come home...just wanted some medicine because his already bruised leg was hurting him.

I finished part of my Bible study homework and had to set it aside so I could eat lunch before work.  Then I got to work and noticed that today was their Thanksgiving meal day.  And I had already eaten lunch.  Part of the problem of my job is that I never get notified of anything.

Work was uneventful (if you can call a room full of hundreds of kids uneventful). 

A little angel brought me a Lindor chocolate truffle.  And she gave me the best hug ever.  :-)

Then, another little angel brought me some of her sweet mommy's homemade salsa and chips.  And I got another sweet hug. 

My day was brightened.  Smiles and hugs have a way of doing that.  Things get forgotten and suddenly, there is a bright spot. 

God is so good that way.  He knew that I needed to be loved on (just a little) today, and look what He did.  Kids don't bring me things very often...but today, I was blessed doubly. 

A coincidence?  I don't believe in them.  A God thing?  Most definitely. 

He cares about every little detail of our lives...the stressful, the mundane, the stuff that makes us crazy...and when we earnestly pray and seek His word about how to handle a tough situation, He turns things around.  Not always in the way we plan, but in the way He plans.  And His plans are far greater than ours.   

Today in my Bible study homework, I read about how He is enthralled by us. 

I don't know about you, but I feel treasured and loved by Him. 

I also feel in desperate need of some quality family time.  We have been gone every night this week, and the same will be true for tomorrow night as well.  So, because my hubby doesn't feel well, and because I just think we need it, we are staying home from church.  I plan on making an easy dinner, and a pot of decaf coffee.  We might watch a movie.  We might not...but whatever we do, we will do together. 

Sounds like Heaven.  Hope you enjoy your evening as much as I plan on enjoying mine.  Love to all. 

(Disclaimer:  Don't feel bad for me regarding my day...I was just letting you get a glimpse into my "real", crazy, not-at-all-perfect life.  I am thankful that I can write all this with humor, and with a heart that is thankful that this is all I have to deal with in my life.  I know that this is not at all the case for many of my friends, and I am not downplaying that at all.  I realize that my life is blessed, and I am humbly thankful for that.)

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