Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm thankful for...(part 2)

the sound of my kids' and their friends voices in my front yard playing a brisk game of flag football.
a cozy (clean!) home to come home to after spending an afternoon with the crazies driving around.
a son who knows where the sausage is in Kroger.  And that he likes to go in alone.  :)
answered prayers over my family...immediate and extended. 
God's provision for our safety today as a lady pulled right out in front of me, almost making me rear end her.
kids that like to bake. 
chocolate cupcakes.  :)
boys that will help me out around the house without complaining.
the question, "Mom, can I do anything for you?".
a husband who works tirelessly to provide for our family.  I will miss you tonight, honey!
a quiet evening at home.  I'm thinking we might find a movie to watch and have some yummy comfort food.
pets.  Our lives would be so boring without Andy the Wonderdog, Twinkles, Skippy and Evil Knievel.
books!  We just got home from the library.  :)  My happy place.  I got a whole bag full.

And lots more...but once, again, I'll stop for now.  Enjoy your evening!  Stay warm and kiss your babies tonight.  Love to all. 

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