Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

At this moment, all is quiet in my house.  I'm watching Something To Talk About with Julia Roberts and Dennis Quaid.  I think it's from the mid-nineties.  The music is terrible, but it's something to make noise in my quiet living room. 

Todd is working tonight.  Graham, Jonah and Noah retired to the upstairs to watch one of their recorded shows.  Drew is laying down with a cool rag on his forehead (his stomach hurts), waiting on me to wake him up so he can move to Todd's side of the bed until he comes home. 

Even all the animals are sleeping.  And yes, that includes Evil Knievel.  Speaking of it mean to rename a dog after he's three and a half months old?  I really don't like his name...which is still Crash.  EK is just a nickname.  And if it's not you have any mischievous looking dog name recommendations?

If so, send them my way.  I really can't force myself to call him Evil.  And Crash isn't much better.

Other happenings...I am on ebook number three!!  I absolutely LOVE not having to have a light to read my book!  The other day I was multi-tasking...folding laundry and reading at the same time.  I've gotten some free books off Amazon, and I've bought three now.  The most expensive one so far was $10...the other two were less than $5.  Not bad, huh?

Tomorrow morning includes several traditions for us.  One is the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  I am such a child at heart...I still get so excited over this parade.  :)  Love it!  The other is our Thanksgiving day breakfast.  It's cheese and sausage biscuits...which taste almost exactly like sausage balls.  Yum!  I can't wait for tomorrow.  I wonder if I'll be able to talk the hubs into a Thanksgiving night movie? 

We'll see, I guess.  I don't know how he'll feel about that.  There are a couple that I want to see, one of which is Jack and Jill, the new Adam Sandler movie.  I love him, and I've heard it was okay for kids to see. 

As much as it kills me to admit it, the puppy is growing on me.  He proved himself to me all day yesterday while I was home, sick on the couch.  He stayed by my side all day...and never had one accident during that time.  He also loves to cuddle.  I hope he stays little enough to do that, though...he's grown in the two weeks we've had him.  And three different people have commented on how big his paws were.  Yikes.  I really don't want him to be big.  Especially because he loves to sleep on the couch. 

If I don't write again tomorrow, I hope you all have a blessed, happy Thanksgiving.  I know I will.  Love to all!

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Shari said...

You have been on a blogging roll! I LOVE IT! :)

We are thinking about seeing Jack and Jill tomorrow too.

Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!!! :)

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