Thursday, November 24, 2011

black friday, schmack friday

I don't get what the big deal is about black Friday.  All I do know is that I heard a lot of talk about this today.  Much more about this subject, in fact, than about the love of Jesus.  That makes my heart so incredibly sad. 

I kept on thinking to myself, "What if people got this excited about sharing the love of God?  What if we made it a planned effort to make sure people did know about Him?"  Or what if, at the very least, we let people see Him alive in us?  In the way we live, speak, think, and act?

I'm not bashing black least I don't mean to.  I know that it is super exciting for some people to save so much money on some big ticket Christmas gifts.  But the whole thought of all of it just makes me more than a little sad. 

When did finding the perfect gift take such priority in our lives?  When did conversations revolve around asking everyone what they wanted for "the big day"?  What ever happened to just giving a gift...and if you liked it, great...and if not, then you'd better act like you did?

I guess I'm like this because I don't like to shop.  I know for some people it's a rush, saving all that money, and there have been years that Todd has participated in those deals.  I never have...because of my dislike of shopping.  And those years, it was great that Todd could save money, so that it stretched what we had to spend.  At those times, I was thankful for a husband who would brave the crowds for his kids...because if it were left to me, I would just pay full price rather than having to deal with the throngs of people.

But still, I don't get it. 

One of my favorite parts of gift giving is taking my time and picking the perfect gift for one of my loved ones.  How do you like to give gifts?

I know that I am different.  I know that my mind works differently than most people's.  I'm thankful God made us all that way. It's just that I'm a very simple person.  That's all. 

Don't hate me for this post...I'm just speaking my thoughts.  After all, that's what a blog is for, isn't it? 

Are YOU braving the crowds tonight?  Tomorrow morning?  If so, I will be thinking of you while I rest peacefully in my warm, cozy bed.  ;-) 

What are some things your kids are asking for this year?  Mine have their lists all ready for Santa...and I am happy to say that they are pretty simple this year.  They even put candy on their lists, if that tells you anything.  I am grateful for a simple year.  That is what I love the most...a list free of crazy, electronic gadgets.  

The thing I have on my agenda that is at the top of my list for tomorrow is my house...and getting it all prettied up for Christmas!  I have tomorrow and Saturday to do just that...part of both days.  I intend to use them to my advantage. 

Love to all. 

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