Wednesday, October 12, 2011


It's going by fast!  Our last week of school before our fun and glorious upcoming Fall break. 

It's been crazy, and Todd is missing so much this week.  Why does that happen?

Last night was Open House at the middle school, and since he was gone, my mom went in his place.  She got to meet all of their teachers and walk the halls where 3 out of her 4 girls once walked. 

I'm the one one in four that did not attend there.  ???

I guess even back then, I had to be "different". 

Anyway, my sister Debi and niece Nicole got in from Colorado last night.  :)  It's been a whole year (almost) since I've seen them.  The boys always love getting an excuse to hang out at Auntie Lisa's.  And last night was no exception, although better than usual because of Nicole.  I get the feeling her and Drew could get into some trouble if given the chance.  ;)

We stayed out past their bedtime and finally had to leave because of unfinished homework.  I cannot BELIEVE teachers give homework on Open House night.  Seriously??? 

Mom stayed with us last night.  Bill was supposed to have gone out of town, but that changed at the last minute.  He just so happens to be filling in Todd's shoes this Friday for Dad's day.  (See?  He's missing that, too.)  I'll stop with the "he's missing that, too", because, really...I could have a whole pity party. 

On like how I hate sitting by myself after the kids go to bed. 

And on how even though he would normally not be here in the daytime, I am somehow bored.  And my house is even clean.  Well, mostly, anyway. 

And the fact that when I remembered to call him last night, I was about to fall asleep from exhaustion. 

And the way I miss his voice late at night when he tries to talk softly. 

And how he's not here to make my coffee.  (It's Biblical...He brews.  Hebrews.  :)

Or how he's not here to give me hugs right before I go to bed. 

And how I even miss his laundry...our loads are so much smaller without his clothes to fill up the washer. 

Really...I'm done now. 

See?  I'm starting to feel sorry for myself.  I prefer to be the one to travel...not the other way around.

Anyway, I'm going to go drown my sorrows in a bagel with cream cheese and a diet coke now. 

Love to all. 

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