Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lots of Good Things

I love candles.  Do you?  I love this one, especially (it's my newest).  I bought it last week.  It's a fall one, which makes it even better.  The reason I'm lighting candles in my home is because of a blog that I read called Women Living Well.  If you want to check her blog out, scroll down the "What I Love to Read" column on the right and find her blog. 

Courtney (the writer of the blog) gives a 31 day challenge for us to make our homes more peaceful.  I almost wrote peace-full...I think that would be more appropriate, don't you?  Every time I light this candle (at least once a day), I pray for God to remain the light of our lives...in our hearts and in our home.  I pray that God will keep our home warm, inviting and full of His glorious peace.  I pray that God will bless all of those that walk through our door.  I pray that God will remind us to keep the peace as parents, and to soften our tones of voice.  I pray that He will rule in our hearts and in our home for all the days of our life...that we never know even one day without Him at the center of us. 

If you want to, join me in this 31 day challenge...it's changed my way of thinking and it's reminding me to pray more over my home.  Our sanctuary.  Our refuge...our safe place.

Today is our fifteenth wedding anniversary.  I can't believe we've been married for all those years...that's a pretty big number.  Especially because we're still young.  -Ish.  :)  Our marriage has had its ups and downs, but God's grace was sufficient, and He brought us through it all.  I was talking to my Dad on Friday about all the amazing things God has done in our lives.  He's restored our marriage, He healed Todd of who knows what...he had a tumor in his stomach that I believe God shrunk.  God has provided for us financially when we couldn't think of a way out.  He's been our Healer, our Sustainer, our Prince of Peace when there was conflict.  He's been infinitely good to us...much more than we deserve.  For this and a lot more, I am thankful. 

The picture (above) is because that was what was waiting on me on my bathroom vanity when I woke up.  And the "Jenny" is a name that only he is allowed to call me.  Nobody else ever calls me that.  (Well, sometimes Tricia does, but mainly it's Todd's name for me.)

This picture is part of a God thing.  I love God things!  What I mean by that term is something only He could do.  No other explanation fits these little (and sometimes HUGE) moments.  I lit my candle this morning and was praying for the peace that exceeds anything we can understand (Phil. 4:6 and 7) to rule in our home this day.  After my prayer was done, I opened to day 4 of my Breaking Free Bible study homework.  Check out that title: To Experience God's Peace. 

Isn't He something?  I took that as a word from Him today...my precious Savior, my Redeemer. 

Lastly, this is a picture of one of today's verses in my homework.  In case you can't read it, I'll write it out. 

"Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed," says the LORD, who has compassion on you.  Isaiah 54:10

If you get nothing out of this random post but one thing, let it be that God's peace for those who walk with Him will NEVER be removed from us.  He alone is our peace.  Our safety.  Our refuge.  No matter what comes your way, He is right there beside you...if you believe in Him and if you walk uprightly with Him.

Isaiah 57:2 "Those who walk uprightly enter into peace;...

Do you know Him?  Are you walking with Him?  Is He your One, your Only?  Your Savior?  Your Redeemer?  Have you asked forgiveness?  Have you asked Him to abide in you all the days of your life? 

I hope so.  I really want all of you in Heaven with me someday.  Love to all. 


Clementsville: Population of 5! said...

Congratulations!! 15 years is just wonderful! Great post!!

Jennifer Goodwin said...

Thank you, Katie! We are definitely among the blessed. :)

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