Thursday, September 1, 2011

the usual weekly random

The kids lost their minds in the cafeteria today.  Seriously.  I had to get mean a couple times!

I no longer hate Officer Smiley.  I just moderately put up with him coming in and bugging the kids.

Graham's teacher is amazing.  She was confused by a weird email I dictated to him and just said, "Call me..." with her number at the end of it.  LOVE HER.  P.S. That doesn't happen nowadays.  Teachers never give out their numbers anymore.  Not that I would ever abuse it, but still...made my heart all happy.

Drew is bummed because Mr. Zoska is moving up to seventh grade.

Graham is excited because Mr. Zoska is moving up to seventh grade.  :)

I have not felt very nice all day. 

I cannot WAIT to enjoy a long weekend.  Big plans...lots of things going, so excited.  And God bless all the teachers...I know they're as ready as my kids!

I heart Jonah's and Noah's teacher.  I feel like she's my best friend...I'm that comfortable with her.  And so are they. 

The dinner I made tonight almost made me sick to my stomach.  More on that later.  Maybe.  It is very damaging to my pride and I'm feeling fragile tonight. 

My sister turns 43 tomorrow!!!  And Trishy, I'm sorry for revealing your age on here.

I had a pity party last night...and it was so lonely in my head.  :(  More on that later, too...maybe.

I love my family.  L.O.V.E. 

I don't like my hair.  Especially today. 

How many episodes of Wipeout can there be???  Seriously...they're all the exact same, yet to my boys, it never gets old. 

I need some nail polish therapy.  Gonna go paint my nails now. 

Love to all. 

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Clementsville: Population of 5! said...

Love you.. hope you are feeling better!!

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