Tuesday, September 6, 2011

If you were a fly on our wall tonight....

You would have seen Drew licking his plate like a dog.  Seriously.  It was brown gravy and rice.  And hamburger steak with gravy, green beans and black eyed peas.  And garlic bread.

You would have heard some Christmas music being played in my kitchen. 

You would have heard how Jonah told us that (once again) the tooth fairy forgot to bring him money last night.

And how a girl in his class at school doesn't get $1 for a tooth, but $2 a tooth.

You would have seen Todd almost spit his food out to keep from laughing out loud.

You would have heard me threaten to smack Graham when he said, "I need to speak with the chef."

You would NOT have heard the television. 

You would have heard the sweet music of kids voices playing outside and using their creative little imaginations.

You would have overheard a couple of sweet phone calls I had with some teachers...Jonah's and Noah's, and Graham's.  :)

You would have heard me being everything BUT the Proverbs 31 woman.  Open mouth...insert foot. 

Don't judge. 


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