Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Today I Am Thankful For:

My friend, Tammy.  Not only am I thankful for her friendship, I am also thankful that she is my chiropractor.  My back is thankful for her, too.

My tennis shoes.  Without them, my ankles throb.  Ah, the joys of walking concrete floors for hours a day.

The friends I sat and talked with tonight at church.  I skipped choir because of my back, and while I waited on the kids to get out, several stopped and talked with me.  It passed the time quickly.

Help in the cafeteria.  :)  I have had lots the past few days.  It's been nice.

Friendly faces.  We have some new faces at school this year, and they are so friendly and sweet.  I love, it especially, when they smile a lot and seem like they enjoy what they do.

Hugs.  I've had lots of them over the past few days from my sweet little friends.

My praying friends.  :) 

Love to all! 

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