Friday, August 5, 2011

So Long, Summer

It's been nice.  Beyond nice, really.  It's been amazingly wonderful.  (Is that too many adjectives?)

Today is the day I return to work.  I'm thankful for my job...and I still love doing what I do (especially after First Kids' Camp), I'm just sad that this is the day all the summer awesome-ness ends. 

My kids are happy to get Pappaw to themselves for a whole day, so there is that.  He promised them lunch, and I'm pretty sure Noah is going to do his best to try and talk him into taking them to see the Smurf's. 

We'll see how that goes. 

I actually had to set my alarm this morning for 5:30.  Not that I got out of bed then.  I didn't roll out until 6:15.  That still left plenty of time for me to read my Bible, check email and facebook, and blog.  :)

Well...that time is running out.  I need a refill on the coffee and I've got to start folding a load of clothes and getting dressed.  Happy last day of Summer.  Love to all. 

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