Thursday, August 11, 2011


I feel so blessed.  Today was a great day.  (And before you question, even on bad days, I am still blessed.) 

Drew had an issue with his schedule that Todd was able to resolve today.  The administration at middle school is great about that...jumping on things quickly.  Mr. McCain was very nice about the whole thing, and when Todd walked out, he had a copy of it in his hand. 

With the schedule change came 2 changes: his math and social studies teachers.  He now has the awesome Mr. Zoska and the sweet Ms. Zanone for math.  He is one happy camper. 

On top of all that, we completed the night with Jonah's and Noah's third grade parent meeting.  I (we all) absolutely adore his teacher.  She's also a friend of Todd's and his brother's from high school.  She's young, fun, and brilliant.  She also has a "smart board" that we were amazed at.  She lets the kids go up to it and write on it.  (Think giant iPad.)  It's the coolest thing's called a premethean, and she's the only teacher in third grade to have it. make the day even better, we visited my sweet friend and chiropractor, Tammy.  She is making my back feel better and better.  Hopefully tomorrow I will be (at least close to) pain free. 

Well...I'm about to hit the sack.  Yup.  At 8:11, I am completely and totally exhausted.  Happy almost Friday!  Love to all. 

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