Tuesday, July 12, 2011

my kids...

are lots of fun. 
are almost always very loud.
love m&m's, although different kids like different varieties.
love lacrosse.
and soccer.
and football.
and basketball.
and baseball.
and kickball.  (You get my drift.)
were given Indian names.  :) 
love to swim.
love to have friends over and go to friends' houses.
love to see movies in the theater.  (Well, except Jonah.)
love to play with cars on the car rug.
can be really sweet when they want to.  (Yesterday, Jonah bought all of his brothers a car...just because.)
are polite.  (Something that is VERY important to me.)
have really great tans right now.
love all animals.
want another dog.  (Their mom kinda does, too.)
are watching Looney Toons right this minute.  (The 2 that are here, anyway.)
love to eat out.
love when I make their favorite things for dinner.  (Homemade mac-n-cheese is their most favorite.)
tell me I'm pretty all the time.  :)
love me unconditionally. 
love when I make up songs for them.
love to receive written letters from me.
are pretty cool.
are growing up way too fast. 


Barbara said...

Awh, Jennifer!! I love your blog! It is so sweet. Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer Goodwin said...

Thank you! It's my hobby...I love to write!

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