Thursday, July 14, 2011

memories that will last a lifetime

Drew: on discovering that Graham needed a to-go box for his French dip sandwich; "To-go box?  I'm a to-go box!"

Making the mistake of saying Mimi's middle name in front of all the kids one time...and her convincing them that it was a bad word.

Hearing Jonah and Noah sing a praise and worship song in the backseat of my suburban.

Graham telling me he wanted to start memorizing Scripture.

Noah loving the fact that his hair looked like an iguana today.  And could have cared less...except for when people told him he looked cool. 

Listening to Jonah rave about the new sport Papa got him hooked on...Tour De France, said with accent and all. 

Precious time spent with friends and family.

Hearing Noah say: "Jonah's never mean...he is always sweet to me."

Thank You, Lord, for every single moment You give me with my kids.  Help me to never take one single moment for granted. 

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