Saturday, July 23, 2011

Memories From Camp

Silly songs with Pastor Austin before every meal
Drew's friend Will leading us all in the chicken dance from atop a chair on his birthday
My precious new friend, Beth Bracewell, whom I shared a cabin with
The precious sounds of 8 little girls' voices saying "good night everyone" every night
Having to do the Hokey Pokey to get back whatever item you left in the Big Room
Seeing Noah's fresh mohawk every morning, done by his counselor Mr. Craig (Beth's hubby)
Having Mr. Craig bring us coffee to our cabin at 7 on the dot every morning
The smell of shaving cream :)
Seeing all those precious boys and girls walk down the aisle to learn more about Jesus
Hearing us all sing and worship together

It was an amazing 4 days.  I can't wait till next year!!  More later.  Love to all!

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