Thursday, July 28, 2011

a long couple of days

I think I'm getting old.  I can't take the outside like I used to be able to.  Either that, or I'm being punished for missing my chiropractor appointment today.  :(

I cannot believe I missed my appointment.  Not only am I mortified, but my neck and back are KILLING me. 

But then again, it could just be that I'm getting old and my head hurts from all the sunshine. 

I'll let you pick your poison.  Either way, I feel some ibuprofen coming on.

We swam with my sweet friend Carol today.  I cannot believe the summer is almost over and that's only my second time of seeing my dear, sweet friend.  I love the conversations we have...she is so easy to talk to and we never talk about the same thing twice.  What a treat. sweet Graham is surprising his daddy with a freshly cut yard.  :)  I love when he randomly comes up with things like this on his own.  He asked me a little while ago if he could call Todd, and I told him no, because Todd was supposed to call me when he got a little break.  Then he said, "Well, I wanted to ask him if I could cut the yard."  I told him that he most certainly could, and that Todd would LOVE that.  :) 

Graham has had a really great week...I don't know if his new attitude is from camp last week, or if he's maturing some or what, but he has made a huge effort to be very nice to everyone this week.  And I think he is seeing the benefit of what that brings...we're all in a better mood, there is hardly any bickering, our tones of voices are get my drift.  I'm praying that this is a permanent change...and I've told him repeatedly this week how proud I am of this change. 

He really can be such a great kid.  I know that he's like that in public...but at home, when nobody's watching...that is what speaks volumes to me. 

Anyway, well, speaking of that, I better go and supervise him edging the yard...he insists that he wants it to be perfect for his dad when he comes home.  :) 

Insert big happy sigh here.  _______

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