Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Night in The Ville

 It was loverly when we first set out on this Friday night.  The temps were in the mid-eighties, and there was a great breeze blowing.  The boys' all agreed on wanting to go to the square after dinner.  (Which consisted of grilled cheese sandwiches and Pancho's cheese dip and salsa.)

So we did.  And the breeze was awesome.

But as nice as it was, it was short lived.

The boys still had fun.  After spraying everyone with four coats of Off, they managed to find some other kids to play hide-n-seek with.

Then they found a cicada.  And managed to scare the ever-living-you-know-what out of me.  Thanks for that, Toddley.

It was a fun night.  We all started getting hot and sticky, so we decided to come home and have ice cream.  :)

Hope your Friday night was special...hug all your loved ones tonight.  Love to all.

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