Wednesday, July 13, 2011

4 boys-2 boys=a lot more quiet

So...for the second time in as many days, Drew was invited to a friends house.  Graham woke up this morning and asked to go to work with Todd.  That just left the two littles and me.  :)

Ahhh, blessed peace and quiet. 

Kind of. 

Then they wanted a friend to come over. 

And as I write this, I'm listening to what sounds like Noah's impersonation of a dinosaur. 

Yup.  You read right. 

It's weird, though, the dynamics of kids and their friends.  You would think that with the added children that it would mean more work.  But really, it's the opposite.  With the extra kid, the kids that belong to you are more occupied.  And fight much less.  Go figure. 

So...if anyone wonders why we have friends over all the time, there you go.  Well, that and the fact that my Daddy told me to try to not ever say "no" to their friends coming over to hang out.  So I try not to.  Plus, I really want to be the house where the kids hang out. 

Well...that's pretty much it.  We are still not doing much of anything today.  The good news is that we now have food to eat!  We made a little trip to the Walmart for some much-needed food.  Including some yummy favorite thing about summer.  I've even already washed and sliced it up for little hands to grab easily.  :) book is calling my name.  Love to all!

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