Saturday, June 18, 2011

a week gone by

It's been a great week.  We went out of town for a couple of nights at the beginning of the week.  There is just something about getting away.  The boys love staying at hotels, and this was no exception.  We were loaded down with drinks, snacks, favorite toys, and Skipbo.  (Their most recent favorite card game.)  We went with my sweet Mom, and we ate really well the two nights we were there. 

Needless to say, Drew was in food Heaven.  :)

We came back home on Wednesday and took it easy the rest of the day.  We got home around two, so I had plenty of time to unpack and put things where they belong.  Well, okay, so maybe I haven't put things where they belong yet.  I need to do that when I'm done with this post.  I'm at home for a while with 3 out of my 4 boys and no car, so I might as well make the most of my time, right?

Wednesday night, Graham and Drew had a mini-lacrosse camp.  It was hotter than Hades, but they had a good time being with their teammates.  They're going to be meeting weekly from here on out, so hopefully their skills won't get rusty. 

Thursday I had Bible study, then I invited myself over to my in-law's house.  We weren't in the mood to swim, so we just hung around their house all day.  We ate dinner there, too, and stayed until the terrible storm passed. 

Friday we spent with my Dad.  I had a meeting at church about this week's upcoming VBS.  He came over to sit with Drew, Jonah and Noah while Graham and I attended the meeting.  We had lunch at CiCi's, then we spent the majority of the day at a cemetery!  I know, that sounds funny...but I wanted to take the boys to the cave inside of Memorial Park.  I never thought they would have enjoyed it as much as they did, but they loved it.  They spent a couple hours exploring around the cave area, and they fed the fish that were in the pond.

It was a great day.  Last night we went to some friends' house, and the boys swam and played lacrosse in their backyard.  We were there till almost midnight, so needless to say, I still have one asleep.  ;) 

Today I'm working around the house, and tonight I have a date with my precious Daddy.  I can't wait.  Well...speaking of all that work, I better go get started.  Love to all. 

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