Wednesday, June 29, 2011


It's been a really great week.  Monday we didn't do too much.  I always try to spend that day straightening up the messes that were made over the weekend.  I did my usual thing...laundry, cleaning, vacuuming, the boys put all their clothes up, they even vacuumed the upstairs for me.  :)  I love when that happens.

The boys are all taking care of my neighbor's dogs right now.  They love having some responsibility, and they love having some money in their wallets.  It's nice that she always asks them.  It makes them feel very grown up to be totally trusted with it all, because I never do anything to help.  They keep up with her keys, and several times a day they go over to let them out and to play with them.  They get walked every morning and evening.

Our tomato plants are doing really good!  I've eaten my fourth or fifth one; there is nothing quite like a homegrown tomato.  The boys are all so proud...except for poor Noah.  His hasn't grown any yet.  Mr. Paul is coming over on Thursday to help the boys fertilize them.  It's a kind of fertilizer that he uses, and he says that after this they will all be thriving.  I can't wait to have enough to eat every morning.  We all really love tomatoes...except for Jonah.  Even Graham loves to eat them on sandwiches with salt and pepper.  Yummy!

Monday night (I know, I'm totally skipping around here) Drew's friend Nate came over.  Todd was craving a glass of milk, and we were out, so Graham, Drew, Nate, Noah and I all loaded up and went to Kroger.  I sent the three older boys in while Noah and I waited in the car.  They ended up buying oreos, sugar, bisquick, chocolate chips and milk...and they remembered all of it, and Graham even got the right brands!  I was super impressed with their shopping skills.  They even took turns pushing the cart while Graham checked it all out.

Yesterday it rained in the morning.  It made it an unusually cool day, so after lunch, we all loaded up and headed to the new park at Shelby Farms.  It was great...there weren't very many people there and it felt really good outside.  We were going to try to make it to Sonic in time for happy hour, but we didn't.  Nate spent the night again, and while him and Drew watched movies, Jonah, Noah and I took Graham to a friend's house for Bible study and then we went to the library.  :)  My favorite place of all.

Today we're taking it easy around here...I'm kinda bummed b/c I had plans for today (without kids) and had to cancel.  And I NEVER make plans when the kids are gone.  Usually I hang around my house and find some things to organize and clean out.  Tonight is church, and the rest of the week will go by in a blur, I'm sure.

Well...I really need another cup of coffee.  So I'm going to go get that and start on my endless pile of laundry.  Love to all!

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