Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Summer Doldrums...Already?

I honestly feel kinda bad for the boys.  They haven't said that they're bored (only because they know I'll probably freak out), but I think they're bored.  It's been close to a hundred and thirty every day since school let out.  It's too hot for the zoo, it's too hot for the cool new park at Shelby Farms, it's too hot for anything.  Unless it involves jumping into a pool of water.

Given the fact that they are probably bored out of their minds, they've been very sweet.  Very non-argumentative.  I'm pretty proud of them.  Hopefully one day before the next 70 are over, it will cool down some and we can actually go and do something outdoors.

Yesterday we spent the day with my mom-in-love.  She invited us over to swim in her neighborhood pool.  So we swam, then we ate, then the kids played in a house that was not ours, then we had dinner.

Then we went to Jerry's.  :)

I learned last night that you can get pretty much any flavor and make it "supreme".  The supreme part means there's ice cream in there with it.  I know it sounds gross, but it's really not.  It's pretty tasty.  Todd and his parents got cherry supreme last night.  Drew and I got grape and lemon lime mixed.  Graham got lemon lime and granny smith apple, and Jonah and Noah got rainbow and grape.  I think the fuzzy navel is my favorite, though.  It's peach and orange and maybe pineapple all mixed together.  Just don't take more than three bites at a time.  You'll get a brain freeze.

Today we have enjoyed swimming.  We came in to eat lunch, then I took Graham to a friend's house.  Jonah and Noah wanted friends that are brother/sister to come over, so they're all upstairs playing as I write this.  I just did my bi-monthly nail polish change.  I went back to My Private Jet.  It's my most favorite.  :)  Especially now that I have a tan.

It's rough...this life of mine.  I am praying that I will be able to keep my kids happy in this blasted heat.  So far, so good.  Jonah and Noah have their last baseball game tonight.  My goal is to remember to get some action shots of them.  Since I haven't so far.  Hopefully the next time I write, it will be far more interesting.

Love to all!

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