Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I feel restless.  I don't know why. 

Ever feel like that?  Like I'm on the brink of something, but who knows what?

I also feel like I'm always rushing time.  You know how it goes...wishing the days away.  Now I know I do that during the school year, but during summer, I find myself wanting to stop the clock.  Summer is slipping by entirely too quickly for my taste.  I pray that my kids are having a good summer.  I pray that when school starts, that they will have lots to tell their teacher about.  (And yes, I had the little ones in mind when I wrote that.)

We haven't really done anything spectacular, but we've done a good job at staying busy.  As I write this, the boys are all out in the front yard playing Ultimate Frisbee.  Whatever that is.  Sometimes I am pretty sure they make up the games they play.  I'm not complaining...I love their active imaginations. 

Next week, on Tuesday, my mom-in-love and I are taking the boys to Pickwick for a week.  She has a cousin there who has a home on the lake, and she (Joan) invited us to come and stay with her.  I'm looking forward to long, lazy days of swimming, talking, laughing, boating and fishing on the lake.  We will be cooking every night (I will be cooking, that is ;), and I've pretty much got our weekly menu planned out. 

Not that I ever cook more than four nights in a row, but I can try, right??

Todd and his dad will be joining us on the weekend.  I'm really excited about that...and will be more than ready to see my best friend and main squeeze. 

I have started making lists of things.  Yes, I am a list-maker.  My poor family probably hates when we travel because I am such a freak about everything.  For instance, I despise leaving my home dirty.  When we leave, there are next to no dishes in the dishwasher and the washing machine AND dryer are always empty.  (One time I accidentally left clothes in the washing machine and came home to a mildew-y smelling laundry room.) 

I have lists of what to take, what we'll be eating for dinner, what to take and what needs to be bought once we arrive.  Yes, I am organized, and I told you I was a freak about traveling.  I like to call it 'resourceful', though.  We seldom forget things, and I've taught the kids to be excellent little packers.  Hopefully their wives will love me someday.  :)

I guess I can chalk this one up to being another random thoughts post.  Since I'm a little all over the place and again.  I can't help it...the sun got to me today (in a good way), and I am very relaxed right now.  Hope it stays that way!  It should...we're having an easy dinner tonight since it's church night. 

Speaking of that...gotta run!  Love to all. 

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mandyd said...

Hope you have a great week!

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