Sunday, June 12, 2011


Weekends around my house mean lots and lots of family time.  They mean that to most people.  How each family spends that time together is always fascinating to me. 

People are so different.  And that is the case for every family.  I love reading about other people's dynamics, and they make it all work.  I thought I'd tell you a little about mine, and was hoping you would tell me a little about yours. 

In the summer, weekends are very different.  They're much more relaxed for us.  Our sports end in late spring, so by the time school is out, we're almost done.  We never got into competitive sports with our kids because we didn't want to make huge time commitments.  I know that sports eat up a lot of people's lives, and that was something Todd and I agreed would never happen in our family. 

We might spend Friday night going out to eat...and by "out to eat", I mean Chik Fil A.  Not an actual restaurant, although every once in a while, we do just that.  Or, like this Friday night, I might plan a meal.  (Rarely happens, but it just so happened that way this week.  I'll tell you why later.  ;)

This Friday night we went a friend's baseball game.  Graham's and Drew's friend from Arlington had a weekend tournament out here in The Ville.  We saw his game and caught up with his parents, some of our dearest friends, and then we saw the end of one of Drew's friend's game.  After the game (at 11:15), we went to Sonic for milkshakes.  We had our 4 plus one, Jonah's and Noah's friend, Andy.

Saturday was lazy.  We slept late and just piddled around here.  The kids were in and out, and Andy hung out all morning with the 2 littles.  Drew rode around our neighborhood, in desperate search of a friend to play with.  (He's our social bug.)  Andy left, and the boys had a snack.  They all had a party they were invited to in the early afternoon, so Todd them, and I had a nap.  ;)  We usually eat with my mom on Saturday nights, but Big Daddy wasn't feeling well.  :(  So I was forced to come up with a meal on short notice.  Darn it.  I wasn't all that prepared for that, so we ended up having pancakes and bacon.  Not a bad thing, because it was seven before we sat down to eat, and by then, we were all starving!  We might have gone to the new Lowe's and walked around dreaming for a bit.

Sunday is always church day.  We invited my mom and Bill over for lunch, and we took advantage of our neighbor's pool while they were in Pickwick.  It was lovely and amazing.  We were there from almost one-thirty until seven.  I came home and fixed grilled cheese sandwiches and we ate them beside the pool. 

It was quality family time (with some arguing and a speech thrown in for good measure), and it was so peaceful.  I left my phone at home so I wouldn't be distracted.  I am so guilty of getting on that stupid thing more than I should, but today I left it at home, charging and turned off.  It was blissful, and I might become guilty of this more often. 

So, that was our weekend in a nutshell.  How was yours?  What fun things do you do with your family?  I'd love to know.  Enjoy these last few'll be Monday again before we know it.  Love to all. 

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