Sunday, June 5, 2011

family wedding

Todd's cousin, Megan, got married last night.  It was my first Catholic wedding.  I kinda wondered about the length of the ceremony when the entire wedding party went to sit down.  Even the bride and groom sat down.  But it wasn't long...about 45 minutes.  It was definitely an experience.  There was a lot of sit down/stand up, and there was lots of reciting things back to the priest.  Of course, every time half the congregation recited something, I could feel the stares I was getting from each of the boys.  I thought we'd have to explain it all when we got to the car, but they never asked.  And we forgot to bring it up.

After the wedding, while we were waiting to leave, we got caught up with some of Todd's cousins that live in North Carolina.  Some of my most favorite people on this earth....Mike Hall, his wife, Patty, and two of their sons were with them...Mikey and Ty.  They have 5 sons, ages 17 to 34.  The two that were with them were the oldest and the youngest.  I always love seeing them.  We always pick right back up where we left off...and every time we see them, I always hate that we don't see each other more often.  They are just amazing people, and the boys LOVE them.  Of course, it's pretty easy to love someone that nice.   I would love to go visit them sometime. 

Mike has been in the Marines forever, and he's stationed in Jacksonville, North Carolina at Camp Lejeune.  I would love to take the boys there someday...and to let them see what a base looks like.  I have been there because my sister lived there for a brief time when I was a teenager.  As a teenager, it was a pretty cool thing to experience.  Of course, that might have had something to do with the fact that the movie Topgun was very popular at that same time.  I just might have been on the look out for my own, personal Val Kilmer.  Lol...I'm not kidding. 

Anyway, because the boys looked so handsome, we had a brief photo op.  I would hate to waste a "dressed up" opportunity.  They looked so cute...all of them.  Jonah and Noah wanted me to spike their hair, even.  It was, indeed, a special night. 

The wedding reception was at Memphis National golfclub.  There was food, a pasta bar, and a dance floor.  I thought Drew's eyes were going to bug out of his head.  It was hilarious.  The boys loves to eat and dance.  Some lady walked up to him and caught him singing every word to a country song, so that began a very long, drawn out conversation.  She's the one who kept asking him to dance with her.  It was so funny....he wouldn't dance like he does when we're at home (our movie credit time), but the fact that he was out there at all was pretty amazing.  He is very extroverted when he's around people he knows really well, but he's usually introverted when we're in public.  Not at all like the crazy Drew we all know and love.  I was impressed that he even talked to the lady.  It was pretty funny. 

I danced with Jonah, too.  He only danced with me because he wanted the d-jay to give him a hot pink boa to wear.  But he didn't.  Noah wouldn't dance with me.  I asked him why he wouldn't when we got home, and he told me it was because he was shy.  That made me so sad, because he was the one who used to love to break dance.  It's weird how they all change so much as they grow up.  Even Graham danced, and he usually doesn't do that either. 

It was a fun night.  We didn't leave until almost eleven.  We missed church this morning because of it...and we don't do that.  By the time we got home and everyone fell asleep it was after midnight.  And Graham was up sometime in the middle of the night with a stomach ache.  We didn't wake up until almost 9:30.  We're having a lazy morning around here, and this afternoon we're going to spend some time with my Mom and Bill.  We try not to let a weekend go by without seeing them.  Bill and the boys have withdrawals from not seeing one another.  At least that's what I think...I don't know if Big Daddy would admit that or not, but this also has something to do with the fact that the older he gets, the more sentimental he becomes.  It's really sweet. 

Well.  I'm going to go, now that I've talked your ears off.  (Written your eyes out?  Hmmm...don't know if that really works.)  I need another cup of coffee, and I need to nail down our plans for this afternoon.  I hope you all have a wonderful day.  Love to all. 

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