Saturday, May 28, 2011

no kids, an empty house...hmmm, what to do???

I thought about this for about 2.3 seconds.  And then I looked around at all the clutter and knew immediately what my day without children would consist of: organizing and cleaning. 

I, right?

This was a little slice of Heaven for me, though.  I never get to clean AND organize.  I always only have time to do one or the other...never both, and NEVER without my pesky boys!  It was wonderful...especially because of all the "end of the school year" junk that comes home the last four days of school.  Between the paper work, the drawers that I de-cluttered and reorganized and the tupperware cabinet I cleaned out, I am ready for the trash to be picked up again. 

I also took the heavy oriental rug out of our living room and moved it upstairs to the boys' bonus room.  It looks great up there with the color of the couch and chair, and it makes it look more grown-up.  Especially since most of the toys are now gone.  It opened up the living room by taking it out, and now you can see the beautiful floors that it hid.  I also re-purposed some things from the dining room and kitchen.  That is my most favorite thing to do...move things around and use the things I've already got.  Who needs to buy?  Between re-purposing and a can of spray paint, you can make old things look 'new' again!

So, before my loverly day of cleaning and organizing, I had a date night with my main man last night.  We had a great night of seeing how much money we could save.  Between gift cards that were given to us and 'freebies', we spent a grand total of $17 on our night out.  Dinner was at Carabba's, Barnes & Noble came next, followed by Walmart, and ending with Starbucks.  It was a great night.  We even came back home and watched a movie.  Grown Ups with Adam Sandler. 

It's been a great weekend.  We're going to church tomorrow, then coming home and doing yard work.  We have to get our yard ready to cut for the first time.  So...lots of work, followed by some time in the neighbor's pool...hopefully! 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend...and don't forget to take the time and remember those who lost loved ones so that we could have freedom. 

Love to all. 

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